Volleyball News: The 2010 Brazilian Masters Volleyball Tour proved to be a huge success

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Volleyball News: The 2010 Brazilian Masters Volleyball Tour proved to be a huge success

The story of success has been revealed after the booming completion of the 7th Brazilian Masters Volleyball Tour in Brazil. The tour was especially designed for the volleyball veterans of both genders from yester-years. Senior and Master age (40+)
players showed up on the court and amazed spectators with exquisite performances. The National Development Centre, the Aryzao, in Saquarema, in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro hosted the intense four-day competitions. Wonderful indoor volleyball was combined
with fantastic beach volleyball action, and the sports devotees enjoyed every bit of it.
The seventh edition of the Brazilian Master Volleyball Championship welcomed more than1’500 people. This time around, the turn-out of players was huge as 116 teams hit the podium, which is a record. Moreover, 51 beach volleyball duos appeared on the sands
of Aryzao and added to the intensity of Masters Tour 2010. It was a great to catch the sight of veteran players, the superstars of past, during the competitions. Some of the big achievers attended the event and attracted scores of their fans.
The Men’s Volleyball silver medallist at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games, Badalhoca made his presence felt on the court. In the women’s section, the beach volleyball silver medallist duo of Monica Rodriques and Adriana Samuel were also seen on the sand.
They captured silver-ware for Brazil at the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games in United States. Likewise, the FIVB 1998 Beach Volleyball World Champions, Guilherme and Para also took part in the Brazilian Masters.
There have been some exciting matches, which transported fans down memory lane. The manager of the technical indoor unity of the Brazil Federation of Volleyball, Sergio Negrao was satisfied with the arrangements and seemed delighted with the good turn-out
of players. He expressed his thoughts while talking to media, “The tournament was a success, 1,500 people is really impressive and proves that each year the Brazilian Masters grows. I am sure that this number will grow each year. This competition is made for
the lovers of Volleyball. I hope that all had enjoyed the event that we offered.”
The Masters Volleyball Tour is a great tradition in the Brazilian Volleyball Calendar. Players take pleasure in being a part of this activity. After all it’s a big volleyball party, which provides a chance for players to meet each other.



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