Pakistan win Asian Games 2010 hockey semi final, have high hopes for final

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Pakistan win Asian Games 2010 hockey semi final, have high hopes for final
As Pakistan’s field hockey team entered the final match of the Asian Games at Guangzhou on Tuesday by defeating South Korea 3-4, a wave of happiness spread amongst its fans.
This victory grabbed the attention of even those fans, who gave up watching hockey, after Pakistan’s hockey team’s inconsistent performance during the past few years.  Pakistan fought bravely and stunned South Korea in a nerve-wracking penalty shoot-out
to progress into the final after 20 long years.
This impressive victory in the semi-final has given new life to hockey in Pakistan, as hockey had gradually lost its charm after the 1994 World Cup victory. After winning the semi-final against a strong opponent South Korea, Pakistan’s team received compliments
from the president, prime minister and senior players of the country.  
Former Olympian Samiullah stated that this match has raised the morale of Pakistani hockey players.  Samiullah encouraged the team and said that if India qualifies for the final, then Pakistan will have a good opportunity to defeat them.
President of Pakistan Hockey Federation, Qasim Zya expressed his views about Pakistan’s victory:
"This victory has given a fresh lease of life to hockey in Pakistan and I am 100 per cent sure the boys will now beat Malaysia in the final and bring home the gold medal".

Pakistan’s federal minister for sport, Aijaz Hussain Jakhrani seemed quite content and hopeful for the Pakistani team to continue its efforts even in the final and declared this victory as a good sign for the country’s national sport:
"At a time when we are fighting so many problems in Pakistan, such a victory is indeed good news for the nation”.
Former Olympians have not been so happy with the heads of Pakistan Hockey Federation, especially with Asif Bajwa, for appointing a foreigner as a coach of Pakistan’s Hockey team. However, after this super win they sound delighted and satisfied.
Islahuddin said this semi-final will provide hockey a good future, as a series of defeats in the recent past had really disappointed fans of hockey in Pakistan and they started losing interest.
"It is good to see us winning in hockey once again because this is our national game. The victory over Korea will boost the morale of our players before the final",
said Islahuddin.
Now, Pakistan will face Malaysia on November 25th in Aoti Stadium Guanzhou. Fans of Pakistan’s hockey team have high expectations from their team in the Asian Games.



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