Urby Emanuelson chats about his options before joining AC Milan

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The former Ajax midfielder has confirmed that there was no shortage of suitors during his Ajax days, before finally opting for a move to the San Siro giants.
Urby Emanuelson was a mainstay in the Ajax team, attracting interest from top clubs across Europe through his consistent and above par displays for the Godenzonen.
The Dutch star has publicly claimed that there was a lot of interest from clubs in the English Premier League and Italian Serie A in his services, with Tottenham Hotspur monitoring him for a long time.
From, but the midfielder opted to reject the advances made by the two clubs when AC Milan came knocking on his door. The Rossoneri signed the talented midfielder in
the summer of 2011, and since then, Emanuelson has gone on to become a permanent fixture in Massimiliano Allegri’s team sheet.
While reflecting on the interest from Rome and London, Emanuelson stated that he had opted to wait before making his final decision. He was of the opinion:
"It was very hard to leave Ajax because they were like a family to me. Because of this, I waited before I left, despite offers from Tottenham and Roma.”
However, the midfielder further went onto state that he felt that he could not reject Milan, and in his interview to Voetbal International, the player remarked:
"Then Milan came and I decided to try and make the leap. I did well to wait, and I'd advise all young Dutch players to mature a bit before changing clubs."
The Dutch international has spoken of his delight with the switch and mentioned how he has grown as a player with the Rossoneri. He has been deployed in alternating positions for the Rossoneri, and he feels
it is a necessary component of growing in football.
"I can do the same for"
Euro 2012 will be the first major tournament for the Dutch international, and he is hoping that his diversity allows him to gain an advantage over the other players.



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