Trades will occur if Chicago White Sox fall short to produce results, say experts – MLB News

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Trades will occur if Chicago White Sox fall short to produce results, say experts – MLB News 
The Chicago White Sox is sitting in a narrow place with trade rumours lingering linking to this season’s performance. Though this is not somewhat massive alarming situation for the White Sox roster, but for the underperformers, this is a big development and they are taking it seriously for sure.
Earlier when the White Sox entered into 2012 Major League Baseball Spring Training, Gavin Floyd and Paul Konerko were linked to be traded around mid season. These two players later also commented in the media and told the reporters that both had never thought playing anywhere else except with the White Sox.
Anyhow these two are now feeling more pressure and focusing on their performance which is the only way that they can tell their club as to understand the level of commitment they feel for the team. White Sox Matt Thornton is also linked now to be traded soon. He recently had also said in detail which will one way or another explains the idea of White Sox management and their strategy of trade.
"Other teams want me; they want Gavin; they want different pieces from our team," Thornton said. "Well, that means you’re pretty good ballplayers, and you’re talking about contenders that are going to go after you. This year, it’s all about winning ballgames. We go out and start winning ballgames, no one is going anywhere. Who knows what happens if we start struggling?"
He added, “I’m to the point in my career where I just want to win, I want to win ballgames, man. I’m tired of last year, being under .500, missing the playoffs the last three seasons in a row.”
According to Thornton as well, now many people are also trying to understand the very nature of White Sox approach that will be more than willing to involve in trade if their certain players did not perform well in the next season. However, the White Sox also understand as mid season trade sometime does not work fully, but if still this speculation of their intention went ahead, the White Sox only will have to face the repercussions.



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