Chicago White Sox pitching Coach Don Cooper not worried for results – MLB News

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Chicago White Sox pitching Coach Don Cooper not worried for results – MLB News
The Chicago White Sox are not performing well so far and this reality is now putting the management and staff coaches in slight difficult position making them also realise that this is not getting solved until they did not react to it. Playing eleven games and winning only three is certainly a bad result for any Major League team who tends to expect the World Series Title every season they play.
The same situation is now bothering the Chicago White Sox who are currently at 11-3 in this year’s Cactus League in Arizona in the Major League Spring Training which also automatically brings them to a narrow place where everybody has started questioning the very ability of the players and coaches.
However, when the same question was asked from White Sox pitching head Coach Don Cooper, he had some different views on this late situation.
"What should I be worried about?" he said. "When has spring training counted? Nobody keeps numbers. It's about getting in innings and pitches and getting ready for the season."

Later the White Sox general manager Kenny Williams also supported the points of his pitching coach and stated in the media with full hope.
Williams said, "Yes, I do think we'll (be better early), But when I talk about specifics of what we weren't doing and what we're doing now, someone treats that as an indictment toward what was going on before. And I don't want to give that perception. All I can say is that there has been an attention to detail at every level. And the players have bought into a lot of things."
Though giving confidence and showing confidence on the roster is a positive attitude, but denying the fact that the team is not performing well and playing good game instead is a bad practice by any management.
However, the experts believe that the way White Sox are playing lately is definitely not a good thing for the management who has already made huge investments bringing new players in the team while they have to understand the minor things which ultimately do matter when crucial time comes.



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