My expectations have been exceeded, explains Chicago White Sox GM Ken Williams

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My expectations have been exceeded, explains Chicago White Sox GM Ken Williams
The Chicago White Sox general manager Kenny Williams is showing some enormous amount of confidence on his team and expressing his views in the media with hope. Recently when some reporters caught him for a little interview, he described all the details of his team’s enormous amount of success and good play in this year’s Major League Spring Training in Arizona.
Despite some experts are raising the question that the White Sox have played eleven games so far and won only three of them which show certainly a lack of commitment and poor stratagem. However, not only the White Sox general manager is defending this argument, but he is praising the team and telling the media of good future seasons.Williams said, "My expectations have been exceeded; these guys pay attention to detail. What I'm confident in is that the players will be mentally, physically and fundamentally ready when the season starts.”
He added, “What I've seen, particularly from the guys who struggled last year (such as Adam Dunn, Alex Rios and Gordon Beckham), is that they are in so much better position to hit, If we can keep them right where they are now, they will have tremendously better seasons. Our starting pitchers have struggled a little bit, but that's probably one of the things I should worry about the least.”
This is also a very good sign for new manger Robin Ventura, who is receiving indirect appreciation from the top management. Ventura has no past managerial experience and joined the White Sox this offseason. He is working extensively hard in Cactus League and planning to bring stability in the team.
Coming on to Williams, when comes to baseball, he is a serious campaigner. Some say he is a play maker and works behind the scene with enormous energy. Since he took over the White Sox, various strategic changes he has brought and on which the White Sox now considered one of the toughest Major League teams in the MLB. If he continued the serious work that he has been doing since joining the team in 2000, the White Sox franchise will surprise many in the days to come.



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