Tired of feeling miserable , someone plz help!?

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Tired of feeling miserable , someone plz help!?

I have had problems with my stomach for very long time.

I have had an upper GI

I have had x-rays if my stomach

and lots of other test but can't remember the name of them ...but they all came out normal

I have had my gall bladder taken out

I have taken zantac




and now i am on nexium and dicyclomeine

and OMG nothing is working i feel nausea and good grief i can frickin belch lol heart burn and diareah all the time ...

i did notice one ting if i have dairy products it make me real sick .....but even when i dont have dairy i have the other symptoms

i have seen doctors after doctors and i dont think they know what the heck is wrong with me

someone out there plzz help??????




  1. Emily and Leanne have already made excellent posts here.  I concur deeply with the dairy allergy theory.  I also agree with dumping the pharmaceuticals absolutely ASAP.  I have yet to see allopathic medicine do ANYTHING well around curing IBS/Crohn's Disease/Diverticulitis/GERD/Acid Reflux issues, as surgery and meds do NOT address the cause.  I've dealt with multiple folks on this, including myself.  Some other things to look at that may help you:  1)  Eliminate coffee and nicotine, if you're smoking.  I personally do okay with the caffeine in tea and chocolate, but coffee completely screws my body up, and I know many, many other people that this is true of, too.  2)  If you like it, drink chamomile tea.  It's really good iced and mixed w/ apple juice and lemonade and served w/ a bit of mint.  Some people w/ intestinal issues cannot drink apple juice or lemonade.  If this is true of you, try it w/ white grape or another kind of juice you can tolerate.  Linden tea is also a good choice for folks with easily upset stomachs.  Other herbs you may find helpful are lemon balm (melissa), oatstraw, mints of many different kinds, fenugreek, anise, licorice, ginger (Ginger can be too strong for some folks, so go easy with it at first.) and all of the warming spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, mace, allspice, cloves, ginger, black pepper (Some folks are very sensitive to black pepper, too, so go easy w/ this as well.  We're talking pinches here, not teaspoons.)  Warming spices a) increase digestive fire (agni), b) cut mucous and help the body to excrete it, c) increase circulation, d) are strongly medicinal.  If I were you, I would seek the counsel of either an Ayurvedic practitioner, or a strong practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  These two modalities have helped me greatly in my life.  3)  Have you ever tried putting yourself on a rotation diet to see exactly what it is you're allergic to?  Egg allergies are extremely common, and mimic/cause IBS symtoms.  If you experience alternating diarrhea/constipation w/ cramping around 3-5pm, STRONGLY suspect an egg allergy.  Eliminate all eggs from your diet and see if you don't experience relief.  Wheat and soy are two other very common allergies, and are in practically everything commercially prepared.  4)  Having had your gall bladder removed makes your digestion, especially that of fats and oils that much more difficult.  I'm really surprised a person would give consent for major surgery on a organ that is NOT vestigal (as if any of them are or were) and would take that entire laundry list of drugs, but would not work on the situation using less invasive and poisonous methods first.  This is not to chide you so much as it is to open the eyes of other folks dealing with these same exact issues.  Allopathy does NOT work for this, and this woman's situation PROVES that.  Also as far as eating is concerned:  1)  To do what you've always done, over and over again, and to expect different results is the definition of insanity.  With food, garbage in, garbage out.  You therefore MUST change your diet and your lifestyle.  You cannot continue to eat what you always have in the past, because that's what caused all the problems in the first place.

    In Japanese folk medicine and macrobiotics, there is an herb called kudzu or kuzu.  It comes in little white "blocks".  It is used as a thickening agent, much like cornstarch or arrowroot.  These powdered little "white blocks" when cooked into a loose pudding are extremely tonifying for the intestines, and extremely good at curing diarrhea and IBS.  You can either make the "pudding" using apple juice, or as a savory using a tamari (soy sauce) broth, depending upon what your tastes are.  A bit of fresh ginger or umeboshi plum added to the mix will also go a LONG way towards settling the stomach, as will miso soup.  All are non-toxic and highly nutritious and tonifying for all the conditions you are describing.  Essentially it is an issue of finding what works for you personally.  Were it me, I would eliminate every known allergen, every food I could possibly be allergic to or sensitive to from my diet, and slowly over time, reintroduce these foods to see what they do to me and how my body reacts.  For some folks, it will be corn that's the problem and high fructose corn syrup (HFCS).  Some folks react to glutein really strongly, but never know that's the problem b/c every meal they every eat has wheat or other glutein containing foods in it.  For some, it's non-cultured dairy products that contain cows' milk.  For some it's eggs.  For some it's MSG and other additives.  For some, it's meats, especially beef or lamb, believe it or not.  For some folks, different types of beans cause problems.  For some, it's stimulants like caffeine and theobromine.  For some, it's artificial chemicals and food dyes.  You will need to do some reading on food allergies, rotation diets, the Feingold diet, macrobiotics, natural healing, juice fasting, internal cleansing.  All of this info should be extremely helpful, but only you can decide how committed you want to be to the process of natural healing and eating ONLY health-giving foods.  Ultimately, only you can do your own research as well.  Two or three excellent books to start with would be Food and Healing by Annemarie Colbin,  Staying Healthy With the Seasons by Elson Haas and any of Amadea Morningstar's, David Frawley's or Dr. Vasant Lad's books on Ayurveda.  It IS possible to heal your gut, you will just need to work on it very devotedly and very strictly for a good long while.  Start with probiotics, especially if you have a strong history of taking antibiotics at any point in your life.  Then bust yourself down to being a vegetarian, or even a vegan if you need to for awhile.  You can add fish and poultry back into your diet to see how you do when the weather gets cold again or when your body starts craving protein.  I would keep all dairy, but cultured like kefir or yogurt out of my diet for as long as possible, as dairy is a HUGE culprit in food allergies.  See how you do again w/ eggs in about 3-6 months, when the autumn returns.  Add some soy into your diet and see how you do.  Increase your consumption of whole grains and beans, and add some seaweeds into your diet too, as they are the highest sources of minerals available on this planet.  Yeah, basically I'm saying become a "healthfood nut".  You'll be glad you did.  Also, if you have almost zero experience in getting your nutrition from whole grains and beans, make the transition slowly and use enzymes like BEANO as these are extremely gaseous foods...and you need to give your gut time to get used to digesting them.  Changing one's diet can also precipitate a healing crisis (and usually does), so don't be frightened if everything gets worse before it gets better.  That's often how healing works.  Continue on, and come out the other side.

  2. I have to agree with Emily Dew.  Stop taking all those medications.  Have you considered going to a holistic physician?  I have a very strong feeling you might have severe allergies and probably also IBS.  PLUS, did you know that when you have had your gallbladder removed, you should ALWAYS stick to a low fat diet---baked foods, fruits, veggies, SLOW DOWN on the sodas....drink LOTS of water, be sure to excercise--even if it is just stretching/yoga type stuff for ten minutes a day.  Do crunches too--the light kind.  I have had severe stomach issues all my life.  So has my mom. We both believe we have IBS and probably very likely duivercitis (sp?)  Anyway, my advice would be (to summarize again, so you can copy/paste elsewhere if need be):

    1.  If at all possible, see a holistic doctor.

    2.  Get a referrall to an allergist--see if you can be tested for allergies. I have a strong feeling you are also lactose intolerant.

    3.  Stick to low fat, low salt diets. Do NOT eat fried foods--makes the acid even worse.  Fruits, veggies, baked meats, and if you can at all, try to go for organic foods.  Sometimes the preservatives can make you miserable. Slow down on the junk food and most of all, lay off the sodas--if you are addicted to them like I am, drink LOTS of water.  And I don't mean plain old water. I mean filtered, and if you can tolerate it, ice cold.  If not, drink it at the temp that is best for you.    

    Before I totally forget about it--have you been tested for Celiac Disease?  If all my answers are a bit confusing, please feel free to contact me.  My biggest issues are the acid reflux/GERD, IBS with constipation, Fibro, and umpteen other health problems. Add to that I am only 42.  I am on  like 18 different medications, and I tell you this--meds is not always the answer.  Sometimes we have to step back, take a good hard look at our lifestyle, and make changes.  

    Good luck. I hope some of this helps you.  If something makes you feel bad--it obviously means it's not right for you.  You might also be highly toxic and like me, just need to detox...

  3. Wow! I'm getting so enlightened on your excellent answers.

    I agree. Try to get off those allopathic meds and onto Natural cures. Have faith in them. You're sure to feel better. You deserve to be happy. Don't suffer like that anymore.

    Do parasyte cleanses too. Read about them.

    Dairy usually agravates that condition.

    Become vegetarian. Meat is highly acidic and there are thousands of other reasons why vegetarian diet is better- physically, ethically and spiritually.

    Be happy

  4. First of all, you need to stop taking those meds.  All those heartburn meds do more harm than good.  They drastically lower the amount of stomach acid you have to prevent the heartburn, but with a lower amount of stomach acid, your food will not digest properly which leads to more heartburn, diarrhea and stomach upset.  Also, because you're lowering the amount of acid in your stomach, your body isn't able to fight off even small amounts of food borne bacteria, leaving you much more susceptible to food poisoning.  I know this because my husband was on the heartburn medication treadmill for a long time and he experienced all of this stuff.  You have to get off those meds and address the source ... your diet.  Stop smoking if you smoke and stop drinking if you drink.  Eat more fruits and veggies and drink water as often as possible.  You have to start from the ground floor and build yourself back up.  You could also try drinking apple cider vinegar daily.  Get the stuff from the health food store, not the stuff from the grocery store.  You want the stuff with "the mother" in it and the brands that have that will announce it proudly on the label.  I have a couple of tablespoons of it in my morning OJ and at night, I mix it with water and drink it down.  It will help your digestion A LOT.  Below are two websites that I think will help you very much.  I've been using them for years and have passed them along to many friends.  Good luck!

  5. If you trust homeopathy chat with me in yahoo at anand8900


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