If you take less than the recommended dosage...?

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if you take less than the recommended dosage of something, will it still eventually work?

like the bottle said for 120-160 lbs take 3 tsp, but all i had of the medicine was maybe 1.5 tsp 40-80 lbs. will it still eventually have an effect?




  1. I have also wondered that. Some parasyte herbs recomend starting on a high daily dosage then decreasing to maintainence dosage after about 2 weeks.

    So what you want to know is if a high dosage is necessary now. I did low dosage because I couldn't buy more medicine soon. Maybe it's too expensive or not easily available.

    But I still don't know. I feel like I wish I'd been able to do higher dosage. I hope someone gives a clear answer on this.

  2. Depends entirely upon the medication or supplement.  Can you give a bit more detail?

  3. What is the medicine?

  4. Generally, it will have an effect by less so than usual or sometimes none at all. In this case, if the dose is too low for the body weight, the medicine may not reach the concentration to kill all (or any) of the parasites. On the other hand, the normal dosage may be overkill to 100% guarantee that all the parasites will be killed and half the dose may be effective in some cases.

  5. half the effect...

  6. depends on the meds.

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