Can you take Tegretol and smoke weed.?

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I would like to know what is the worst thing that would happen and what will happen and will it perminitly effect me?




  1. Hi I actually don't even no how I wondered over to this part of yahoo but anyway I do have seizures haven't in a long time about 3  yrs but I did take tegretol , I refuse to take tegretol it was way to strong I kept having seizures on just that drug alone, my story was a car accident any way I can tell you I don't get high but I dated someone who did and he was taking gabitral and smallest dose of teg and he got high and he hated the buzz started twitching and ya know getting like the so called "jimmy legs" so nothing major happened he just hated it and couldn't wait for the pot to run it's course and never did it again,,,,ya gotta watch out that medication that's messing around with are brain chemicals come on we can't throw ourselves a party up there on top of it you know it's going to throw what the medication is doing,

    it would be like doing shots of milk in between whiskey (not good)

  2. My mother was on Tegretol for about 7 years, and it didn't really affect her health as far as I know. If she missed any times to take it, however, it affected her greatly. I don't suggest smoking weed at all, and DO NOT mix it with medication. Eventhough marijuana is sometimes used for medicinal purposes, if you are high, and forget to take your medication, it will not turn out good. My mother would get seizures from missing one dose. So, in brief, NO.

  3. Matt,  I strongly advise AGAINST that idea.  I will explain why.  Mind you, I am not a doctor, just someone who does a LOT of medical research because I have like 15+ diagnoses, and am on way too many  medications myself.  

    First of all, Tegretol is  used for seizures and as a Psychiatric medication.  Weed, aka, marijauana or pot, can cause you to feel euphoric, lightheaded, dizzy, and so on, like you would feel if you were about to have a seizure.  It could, in some people, even trigger seizures.  Ditto to hallucinations.  This is why so many Psychiatrists   tend to preach the same old mantra of do not drink, do not use any recreational drugs when you are on a psychiatric medication for any reason.  

    It's mostly just plain common sense.  Now, I am going to give a little bit of so called naysay advice---if you DO choose to smoke weed while on Tegretol, I would advise to take it very, very slow.  See how you react to it first.  I am only saying this so you can weigh the pros and the cons, but truthfully, I advise against it.  

    And before you think I am a goody two shoes, far from it.  I smoked weed when I was 19--so there.  My hubby smoked it for many many years, and personally I feel it has affected his brain somewhat.

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