The ultimate starting 11 for the Premier League season 2010–2011

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The ultimate starting 11 for the Premier League season 2010–2011
The English Premier League season is now only a couple of days away. Most teams will be looking to recruit some last minute names to their squads. Here is a look at what the experts believe to be the best possible starting eleven for the coming season.
In goal, Joe Hart is set to take the number one jersey. The young keeper, who is currently employed at Manchester City, spent most of last season on loan at Birmingham. He is back at City and has vowed to take the number one position at the club. Those are some pretty brave words considering he has to compete with Given for that spot. However, if he can perform at the same level that he did last season for Birmingham, it wouldn’t be long till Given becomes the second choice keeper at Manchester City.
On the sides Ivanovic and Evra are set to play. Ivanovic has been phenomenal ever since he joined Chelsea and has had a very solid season this last term. It is believed that if he manages to carry this form on for long, he could overtake Maicon’s throne as being the best right back in the world at the moment. Evra is going to retain his position at the left back position as the French captain always gives it his all and last season was no different. He is constantly helps with the attack and then falls back to provide defensive cover to the team.
In the midfield, experts believe that they should player three players. Those three players are rumoured to be, Yaya Toure, Cesc Fabregas and Frank Lampard. Yaya Toure will adopt the role of the defensive midfielder; he was brought in from Barcelona and is currently the highest paid footballer in the world. He will have to certainly produce performances to match his wage bill; otherwise it wouldn’t be long before he is shown the door by City. This is why he is probably going to be at his best since the first day of the season. Ahead of him would be Lampard and Fabregas. Lampard has been fantastic ever since he came to Chelsea and is the highest scoring midfielder in the Premier League’s history. He will be looking to maintain this form for another season and it would be stupid to bet against him. Fabregas will have a lot to prove to the Arsenal fans, himself and the rest of the world. After all, the commotion about him leaving for Barcelona or not, has resulted in most people expecting him to have a terrible season. However, Fabregas has proved on numerous occasions in the past that he shouldn’t be doubted and will be looking to set the score right once again.
Upfront, they are also going to go with three players. Those three players are expected to be Tevez, Drogba and Rooney. Tevez however will be playing as more of an attacking midfielder rather than a forward and will be looking for those loose balls. Drogba and Rooney on the other hand are expected to carry the form that they had last season. Both players finished as the top two highest goal scorers in the Premier League last season. Drogba managed to beat Rooney for the number one spot by scoring a hat trick on the last day of the Premier League. Rooney however will be looking to silence all the people who have started to doubt his integrity ever since England returned from the World Cup with Rooney being one of the biggest flops on the squad.



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