Predictions for the English Premier League - 2010-2011 season

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Predictions for the English Premier League - 2010-2011 Season
Dimitar Berbatov will be the leading assist at Manchester United, whereas Wayne Rooney will be the leading goal scorer at the club. Berbatov has constantly been the lazy player at the team and most United fan’s have been wishing for him to leave the club or be second choice behind Danny Welbeck. However without Berbatov around next season Rooney will have no one to provide the assistance he needs up front. Keeping in mind Rooney is a work horse, he needs to have someone as lazy as Berbatov to hold the ball for him.
Manchester City will finally break into the top four this coming season. With stars like Silva and Toure already at the Eastlands, City now possess more than enough players who are capable of providing the cutting edge that the team requires. With Roberto Mancini already having tweaked and tested with various options at the club he has quite possibly unlocked the secret to beating the English teams, the three time Serie A winner possesses all the tactics required to take any team all the way.
Adam Johnson will have a breakout season. Johnson is one of the few English players who has benefited from England’s terrible World Cup campaign. The media will be looking for a new hero to lead the country to new heights and they will be looking no further than Adam Johnson. The explosive player is dynamic and has the ability to beat players and whip in a deadly cross or cut in and take a devastating shot at the goal. He only played half a season with City last term but managed to score twelve goals in that period of time. Considering he has had such a tremendous success rate in such a short spell with the club, he is only likely to have an outstanding season this coming term.
Chelsea will be the team to beat again. It is still uncertain as to whether or not Chelsea will go all the way, but what can be said for certain is that Chelsea will be the team to beat. Carlo Ancelotti has a magnificent team working under him that just seems to be getting better as they progress. They sucked the excitement out of what could have been a race to the title by winning nine of their last ten games. They managed to outscore their opponents by a score line of thirty eight goals to six in that run of ten games. They may have lost a few players such as Joe Cole and Ballack but they wouldn’t really be affected by their departure, considering the fact that they were injured for most of their term with the squad.
Liverpool will most likely finish outside the Champions League position again. They might improve on their current position and finish sixth but that may just be as far as the team goes. They have not managed to make any significant additions or changes to the squad and are looking more than likely to lose key player like, Torres and Mascherano.



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