Football Transfer Rumours: Liverpool want Barcelona’s Lionel Messi?

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Football Transfer Rumours: Liverpool want Barcelona’s Lionel Messi?
Ever since news has flown in that Liverpool is going to be taken over by a Chinese billionaire, Kenneth Huang, good news seems to be coming in from all corners. Manager Roy Hodgson is apparently going to be given the freedom to pursue any player that he wants according to Tom Hicks and George Gillett, the current American owners of the club.
Fernando Torres has apparently announced that he has finally made up his mind about his future, and has decided that he would like to stay at the club. An official announcement in this regard is to be made public by Torres as early as next week. According to The Daily Mirror, an announcement is expected later this week over the Spaniard's future. Torres is thought to be ready to confirm he will stay with Liverpool next season, to ‘create a new attacking partnership with Cole and Gerrard.’
Huang, who is the head of Hong Kong based company QSL Sports Ltd., is reported to want to take over the club. He has also assured that he would be able to nullify all the debts that Liverpool are in. This assurance has made it possible for Huang to take over as Liverpool’s new owner without the consent of the current owners, Gillett and Hicks.
He has also promised that Hodgson will be able to sign any player that he wants and the money would be made available to him to do so. According to the Daily Mail, 'According to sources close to Huang, who is head of Hong Kong investment company QSL Sports Ltd, Hodgson could identify any player in the world, and the new regime would check on availability and an asking price.
'''It could be Lionel Messi, and every effort would be made to sign him,' said one source. 'This guy is deadly serious about taking over and wants it done this month so Roy can significantly improve the team''.'
Most people would be feeling confused after reading this piece of news, but yes, Huang has indirectly promised Liverpool Lionel Messi. That might just be one of the boldest statements (read: most absurd things) that anyone has ever said while wanting to take over a club. If he has been a constant follower of football as he has said he is, he would know that Messi was rumoured to have turned down a blank cheque offer to join City. Messi had the option on asking for any amount of money and joining City but he didn’t. He said he was going to stay at Barcelona forever. The fact that he still went ahead and said he would sign Messi leads everyone to believe two things: either he knows nothing about what he is saying, or he is just as stupid as the current owners of the club.
Either way, it seems to be bad news for Liverpool fans, who wanted a saviour for their club but have instead been given a rich businessman who has no knowledge of what he’s saying.
However, Liverpool fans can breathe a sigh of relief due to the fact that their only half decent striker, Fernando Torres, might just stay at the club. It might have taken a while for him to come to the conclusion, but what’s important here is the fact that he has. David N’Gog is the other striker in the squad, and is easily not even half as good as Torres. This could mean that Liverpool might just have a better season than their last one, as long as their star striker manages to stay fit.



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