The Most Highly Rated Football Captains in the World Of Football – Part 2

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The Most Highly Rated Football Captains in the World Of Football – Part 2
Article Continued From Part 1
Matthew Upson, West Ham United
Matthew Upson is the 31-year-old English footballer that plays for West Ham United, he plays the position of central defender and there is no coincidence that he wears the captain’s armband in the team as he is a gifted player that has been a part of the
team for some time now.
He is also a defender and it is usually players from the defensive squad that make the captainship. He started his career with the youth academy of Luton Town in 1994. After two years of training he made it to the Gunners first team squad in 1997.
He was a part of Arsenal’s squad for six years during which he made only thirty five appearances without even netting a single goal.
Then after the start of the new millennium he went on three different loan spells first with Nottingham Forest in 2000, then Crystal Palace in 2001 and last in Reading in 2002.
He made an official move to Birmingham City in 2003 where he spent the next four years to give a hundred and thirteen appearances with five goals scored. Last he made a move to West Ham United in 2007 and is still a part of that squad.
Since then he has made a hundred and fourteen appearances for the team with netting four goals in the process.
He has also been a part of the English national team squad since1998; he started with the under twenty one squad where he made twelve appearances with two goals scored.
Then in 2003 he made it to the Three Lions squad and since then has made twenty one appearances with two goals scored for the country’s glory.
Matthew Upson is an organized player that demonstrates a lot of force on the football field, he has the respect of his colleagues, he plays with consistency, and has exemplary leadership skills.
It is his coordination with the team that makes West Ham United shine where they most probably would have not if it was not for this English player. Upson got the honour of wearing the captain’s armband to the football field last season and since then he
has become more focused than ever to play to the worth of the responsibility that he has as a captain of the club.
Ledley King, Tottenham
Ledley Kind is a 30-year-old English player that fills the spot of centre back in the Lily Whites squad. He is the longest serving Tottenham Hotspurs player in the team who has been a part of the team since 1997.
He started his youth career with Tottenham Hotspurs in 1997 and after a year in their training camps he made it to the first team squad in 1998. Since then this player has been a part of Spurs playing at White Hart lane.
Since Ledley King’s coming to the Spurs team he has made two hundred and forty five appearances with netting the ball ten times in the entire time.
He has also been a part of the English national team squad since 2000, initially being called up for the under twenty one team where he made nine appearances then in 2007 he made it into the second national team where he made a single appearance.
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