Football Special Report: The Most Highly rated Football Clubs Of All Time (Part 1)

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Football Special Report: The Most Highly rated Football Clubs Of All Time (Part 1)
There have always been a few names in the world of football that seem to get ahead of all the others, they are the clubs that you expect greatness from and the football fans are always on the countdown to watch their matches.
These are the clubs that always remain at the top of their own league tables and the players stay at the top of the charts.
In addition, these are the clubs that have the most fame and always seem to make the headlines. They are also the clubs that spend the most money on their players, their stadiums and on their name to sell the club brand.
It is a really difficult task to make such a list as there are so many clubs out there and any football follower knows that you can never tell about certain clubs as some just come into the running as the underdogs and then go against the odds to beat everyone.
The names in this list are the giants of the modern football world. They have taken their names with a long running of title wins, to cup wins, some have even have won the glorious treble, and some even the mighty sextuple.
So the list goes as follows:
Real Madrid C.F.
This club without a doubt earns a spot in the top clubs in the world list, as it is one of the finest clubs in the world.
The famous club legends are Ferenc Puskas, Alfredo Di Stefano and Raul just to name a few.
The club has won seventeen Copa del Rey titles, thirty one La Liga titles, eight Supercopa de Espana, two UEFA Europa Leagues, nine UEFA Champions Leagues, one UEFA Super Cup and three FIFA Club World Cups.
The current club stars are Iker Casillas, Kaka and Cristiano Ronaldo.
The future for this club seems bright as to add to all this raw talent, they also have one of the best football coaches in the world.
The Portuguese manager is in full throttle to bring the La Liga trophy to Los Blancos again but they face a very huge challenge from their other Spanish competitor and that is Barcelona who is adamant on defending their last year’s title.
They even gave Real Madrid a good beating in ‘El Cassico’ as the match ended with a disastrous end for Real Madrid as the score boards read five to nil at Camp Nou.
Liverpool F.C.
Liverpool is one of the most renowned clubs in all of England; in 2005, the Reds achieved one of the most supreme victories in football history.
The Red fans have always had pride that most other club fans just can’t ever feel.
The notable football legends from this club are Ian Callaghan, Ian Rush and Alan Hansen.
Their titles go in the order: seven FA Cups, Eighteen Premier Leagues, fifteen FA Community Shields, three UEFA Europa Leagues, three UEFA Super cups and five UEFA Champions Leagues.
The club’s current star players are Pepe Reina, Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres.
Though the club has the same problems as AC Milan, as the club did hit financial crisis and these problems took their toll on the club but the new owners came in and they have registered with a huge influx of money into the club so things seem to be getting
better for the club.
The fact remains that most pundits believe that the club needs new owners if they want to rise above where they are right now.
Article Continued In Part 2.



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