The Most Highly Rated Football Captains in the World Of Football – Part 1

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The Most Highly Rated Football Captains in the World Of Football – Part 1
A lot of players shine for their personal performances and their endeavours on the football field and their overall input in the clubs that they play, but one thing differentiates them from all the others and gives them the spotlight in every game and that
is the captainship.
The players that wear the captain’s armband always stand out as they are the ones the squad looks to for support, instructions and to boost the team’s moral and spirit.
The captains act as the managers on the field in a football match, usually shouting at players and calling the shots under the general supervision of the coach.
The captain’s act as authority figures on the football field, they are supposed to be the model athlete that all the other players try to be, they are supposed to showcase composure and consistency which takes the team to the ultimate win in a match.
The captain of the team is the most responsible figure on the pitch, he makes the whole team perform at their very best and has to stand responsible for the actions that his players do.
So here is the list of the most highly rated captains in the world of football:
Landon Donovan, LA Galaxy
Landon Donovan is the 28-year-old American footballer that plays for LA Galaxy. He wears the captains armband in the squad and plays the position of winger or an  attacking midfielder.
He started his youth career with IMG Soccer academy in 1999, making it into his first big league team the same year. He started with Bayer Leverkusen’s reserve team in 1999 to make it into their first team squad in the same year as well. He was a part of
the club for the next six years where he made a total of thirty five appearances with nine goals scored.
He also went on a 3-year loan contract with San Jose Earthquakes where he made eighty eight appearances with thirty two goals scored in the process. Then finally in 2005 he made a move to Los Angeles Galaxy in 2005 and he is still part of that team.
Though in the last five years he has made two loans, one in the German Bundesliga with Bayern Munich in 2009 where he only made six appearances then in 2010 he made a loan move to the English Premier League and played with Everton giving in ten appearances
with two goals scored.
This American is five feet and eight inches tall who is famous for his runs through the opposing team’s defences as he has the ability to deliver the ball from the defensive side to the opposing teams goal posts from almost anywhere on the field.
Donavon is also called a notorious player for his skills in dribbling and his key crosses, he has become a signature for hard work and growth in a team and this is exactly why he fills the spot of a captain almost perfectly.
He has also been a part of the United States national team squad since 1998 where he started with the under seventeen squad making forty one appearances then worked his way through the under twenty squad where he only made four appearances then moved to
the under twenty three squad in 2000.
He made fifteen appearances with netting ten goals in the under twenty three squad then he made it finally to the first team national squad in 2000, since then he has made a hundred and twenty eight appearances with forty five goals netted in the process.
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