Sunderland goalkeeper Craig Gordon risks injury to play against Brazil

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Sunderland goalkeeper
Sunderland goalkeeper Craig Gordon has risked the wrath of club manager Steve Bruce by declaring himself fit for Scotland’s clash against Brazil at the Emirates Stadium on 27 March, 2011.
Gordon has been troubled by a knee injury throughout the ongoing 2010-11 season and has missed the action for Black Cats for the last three weeks. The passion of playing against Brazil has urged the goalkeeper to risk his injury. At the same time, the 28-year-old
wants to avoid a club versus player row.
According to his club doctors, Gordon is only half fit and needs a couple of weeks to fully recover.
“I would not rule out playing for either club or country if needed. I don’t expect to play in the next few weeks for Sunderland, but if I am asked to I will. Having said that I hope to play some part on Sunday. If I was asked to play a half for Scotland
then I am able to do that,” said Gordon. “I am building it up day by day. I am hopeful. I will be able to tell as the week goes on because I will step it up. It could be a great chance for me to test it out in a big friendly. It could be an ideal scenario.
It could suit everybody but only if things go well between now and then.”
Despite being included as a substitute by Sunderland recently, Gordon has been an understudy to Simon Mignolet. The former Hearts skipper believes that it would have been difficult for the club not to allow him to travel with the international squad after
having included him in the club’s squads recently.
He wants to avoid a row with the club and is content to go with the international squad and continue his training programme there. He further added that if he felt well in training he will decide about his participation in consultation with the physiotherapist. and West Bromwich Albion midfielder James Morrison are all expected to sit out with injuries.



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