Sunderland’s Craig Gardner commits future to club

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Sunderland midfielder has revealed he is enjoying playing football with the Black cats and denied reports that he was looking for a move away due to homesickness.
Earlier reports revealed the 25-year-old was having trouble adjusting at Sunderland after his move from Birmingham and was considering a move away from the Stadium of Light in the January transfer window. However, he stuck around and has now found himself
playing a major role for the Black Cats under new manager Martin O’Neill.
The club has changed since the Northern Irish manager took charge of the club from Steve Bruce, with Sunderland winning more of their fixtures and climbing up the table. With the relegation battle now a faraway threat, Gardner revealed he was more settled
at the club and was not thinking about a move away anytime soon.
Gardner said while speaking to reporters:
“I've heard a lot about homesickness but I don't really think it's right to describe it as that. I came to Sunderland under Steve Bruce and I wasn't playing and it was tough for me, not playing.”
The former under-21 international admitted he had been disappointed when he had joined under manager Steve Bruce in the summer transfer window. Not only did he not get a chance to prove himself, the midfielder was disappointed to see the club struggling
in the English Premier League.
He revealed:
“It's all about playing, if you're going to be happy. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind fighting for my place, but I felt as though I wasn't getting a fair crack of the whip. I felt as though I wasn't being played in my right position, felt as if I was
being reined in.”
However, all that has changed since the arrival of Martin O’Neill and Gardner believed he could go on to have a fruitful career at the Stadium of Light in the years to come. The central defender said he was happy and wanted the fans to know that he was committed
to the club.
Gardner continued:
“I've been here now six months and I've got say that I'm loving it here, I genuinely am. I'm enjoying it, I'm settled down and I want the fans to know that.”



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