New Zealand vs. South Africa: A SWOT analysis of the batting order - Part 2

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New Zealand vs. South Africa: A SWOT analysis of the batting order - Part 2
Amla and are the openers, as they have a good understanding and often build a healthy partnership. Amla is a striking batsman, as he plays consciously and sometimes a little slow, but always contributes some match-winning runs. In his three World Cup
innings, he scored 113, 42 and 14. His weak point is aerial shots that are often caught. Against, he can play the spinners well. Amla’s threat will be Tim Southee’s devastating deliveries.
Smith, as a captain, is a responsible batsman, but unfortunately he was unable to perform in 2 out of 3 innings. He scored 45, 20 and 22 in three World Cup innings, as his weakness is rushing ahead to play a shot and getting clean bowled. Using the flat
pitch of Dhaka, he will try to pile up a big score, but the Kiwi pacers can possibly restrain him.
Kallis is an experienced legend and meticulous batsman. He is ranked as the top Test scorer in the ICC rankings. His vast Test experience benefits him in the ODIs with confidence and the ability to seek out the bad delivery. Despite playing the last World
Cup, he seems to be out of form, as he was unable to do well in the three innings of this tournament. His weak point is getting caught behind on a fast delivery, as in all three innings, he was caught. The Kiwi spinners and wicket-keeper, McCullum, can cash
in on this weakness of Kallis and may dismiss him early.
De Villiers and Duminy seem to be full of confidence in the tournament. In all three World Cup innings, they have contributed reasonable match-winning runs. They often build the innings with a healthy partnership. In the first match, de Villiers and Duminy
contributed 107 and 42 respectively and went on to smash 134 and 40 in the second. Duminy is a hard-hitting and brash batsman. He hit 4 sixes and 2 fours in the second innings of the tournament that forced many to take notice of his tremendous ability. Both
players feel free to play under pressure. However, most of the time, they are caught playing silly or risky shots. If they show some responsibility and careful play, they can amass a good score against New Zealand.
Analysing and comparing the two, it is evident that the Proteas batsmen outstrip their Kiwi counterparts in terms of form and skill. The pitch conditions are also favourable to them. On the other hand, the Kiwis are somewhat down by their two failures of
the first round and now they will play under some severe pressure. Moreover, Vettori is also out of the team that is a great vacuum that the Kiwis have felt during the last two games. and being
elevated to captaincy, but he is not likely to sustain the pace.
Come what may, it will surely be an interesting and sensational competition between the two equally balanced teams. Both teams will fight hard for a victory, as they desperately want a place in the semi-finals and to take one more step towards cricket’s
ultimate prize.



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