Stomach Size and Big Chest / Scoliosis?

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Hey guys,

I recently had Scoliosis surgery and it is more straight than before. But my chest is just large...and, it kind of makes my "man b***s" ( not that big, really, ) stick out which is embarrassing. Undershirts don't help that much : /. What I'm wondering is that, my GF wants me to get "fatter" in the stomache area and make it even with my chest. Dilemma is, that would stick out from my waistline, a lot. I'd rather have my chest curve in towards the waistline, even if she considers it to be "Holocaust Reminder" -ish. : / ? Should I just keep it thin, and when I am able to work my abs...grow some muscle there ? Or just get fat ._.




  1. Buddy this is your body and you are the one who has to live wih it!! Don't let your girl tell you what to do with your body. She wouldn't like it if the roles were reversed, especially if you were tellin her to gain weight cause her chest was too big. You just made it out of surgery, for scoliosis. YOU ROCK! ! Glad you made it, there's always a risk with any surgery. You just worry about your healing; not little man b***s. Then worry about all that later, and I would suggest after that to defin go for the abs......just a preference

    You really just need to be greatful that you are ABLE to wake up everyday AND that you can SEE it. I know that it may not make you feel good right now but thats not even that important right now. If you were my guy, or bro, or guy I know I would really just be happy that you are still here with. h**l, ur not and I still do. Its a fantastic journey just enjoy the adventure!! :D Right on that's a better 'tude to have about it.

  2. Try to keep thin if you can.  As you get older it will become tougher and tougher to stay thin.  If you have to work out it is worth the work.  If you are concerned about your chest, the doctor can help.


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