Strange shooting pains throughout chest/stomach?

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Here is a list of my symptoms.

A ( * ) indicates the more serious side effects I experience.

Abdominal Discomfort * (often have to situate position to gain comfortability)

Chest Pain

Lower Back Pain *

Rapid Heart Rate * (accompanied by shooting pains)

Heaviness of the Legs

Tender Over The Area of the Heart when lightly Touched *

Pain above the Hips *

and Occasional Nausea.

I am an 18 year old male and i believe i shouldn't be experiencing things like this at such a young age. Any inheritable diseases on my Mother's side of the family are unknown due to the fact she was adopted.

I plan on going to see a doctor very soon, but i need other's inputs.





  1. i believe this may help a little... its no substitute for seeing a trained doctor however.

  2. By all means get to a doctor or emergency room. You may just have very bad gas, but your worry is causing you anxiety. Overall, it sounds heart-related or it is a possibility. You don't have to wait. Get someone to take you to the ER. Please!  

  3. It is impossible for anyone on Y!A to tell you what is wrong.

    I know you are worried. Heck, I would be too. But without examining you properly and running diagnostic tests, nobody is able to say. Sure I could reel off some guesses but you are already stressed out enough. You do not need worrying further.

    Get yourself to the doctor and feel better real soon.

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