How to burn stomach, chest, and thigh fat?

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What equipments at the gym can burn the fat from those areas? What exercise can burn them as well?




  1. Just lose weight and it'll come off all over. You can't just aim for a certain spot. Walking and swimming are the best overall exercises.

    Start gradually, and then the faster and/or longer you go, the best it is to lose weight all over. The treadmill and/or stationary bike are great for aerobic (no stopping) exercise.

    Cut out sugar, soda pop, fried and fast food. Drink lots of water!!

    Bless you and good luck!  :)

  2. Fat targetting is completely mythical. In order for you to lose fat off a certain area you will ahve to lose fat off ALL areas.

  3. go to the gym and find out yourself. stop tryin to find a loop hole. get a trainer at the gym they will be able to help you the most and it will be worth it.

  4. Every time i read one of these, i cry a little inside. Here is why...

    you can't. you simple and flat can not burn fat in a specific spot. You can work out the muscle there, make it stronger, but you can't burn fat at any spot.

    sit ups, cruches wont work off belly fat.

    here is why, fat loss is a global thing. Your body decides were to burn the fat. When you exercise, your body notices that it needs energy, so it pulls fat based on where it thinks it needs to be pulled off from. Maybe it is the chest, maybe it is the sides, maybe the legs. But there is no way to "target" these spots. This is a normal gimic to make people think that with their "program" you can work off that one thing that bothers you.

    Stomach fat, (you can ask your doctor) is animal fat. It has to do with what your fat intake. This is any meat, or dairy is animal fat. 2% milk is 48% fat by volume. If you go into a vegan diet plan, or a heavy reduced meat and dairy diet, and exercise, in about 13 weeks that belly will be gone depending on how fat you really are.

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