Singapore Open 2012: Zhengming Wang topples Andre Kurniawan in first round of Men’s Singles event

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Singapore Open 2012: Zhengming Wang topples Andre Kurniawan in first round of Men’s Singles event

The talented shuttler Zhengming Wang of China proved his point in Li Ning Singapore Open by stamping Andre Kurniawan Tedjono in first round on June 20, 2012.
Both players remained head-to-head for 70 minutes before ending this epic tussle with final result of 13-21, 30-29 and 15-21.
This win took Chinese lad into pre quarter-final round where he will be up against World Number seven shuttler Kenichi Tago of Japan.
Though, it will be a huge task for the lower ranked Zhengming but he will strive hard to deliver a stunner in second round of the Super Series tournament.
Earlier in his opening match, he experienced different scenarios as he convincingly won first set then had to go through an exhausting second set before sealing victory in decider.
The opening game of the match got started with his intensive invasion which took him to a dominating position of 6-2.
World Number 17 shuttler maintained this upper hand in first half and placed a decent total of 11-5 before mid-game break.
After one-minute interval, Zhengming prevailed in four nonstop rallies and raised his score to 16-7. This nine-point deficit proved too heavy for his competitor who surrendered after reading a 13-21 margin.
Next game can be tagged as best set of the day as both contestants exhibited supreme class fighting spirit and took the game to next level.
In first half of the set, the Indonesian campaigner got into authoritative position by clinching six points swiftly.
Andre Kurniawan kept dictating his challenger until the break and placed a respectable figure of 11-8.
However, he lost grip immediately after the interval and his competitor relished this opportunity to counterbalance the situation.
Zhengming caught him at 17-17 and then both contenders mesmerised the crowd with their breath-taking performance.
They played ten game points and finally this race ended when Kurniawan registered concluding margin of 30-29.
Lot of fireworks was expected in the decider but it turned one-sided affair after first six rallies. The Chinese made difference with a formidable figure of 15-8 and then made best out of it by entering winning total of 21-15.



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