Andre Kurniawan surpasses Arvind Bhat in Men’s Singles qualifying round of Singapore Open 2012

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Andre Kurniawan surpasses Arvind Bhat in Men’s Singles qualifying round of Singapore Open 2012
Indonesia’s Andre Kurniawan Tedjono had a perfect start in Li Ning Singapore Open as he overpowered Arvind Bhat in first stage of qualifying round on Tuesday, June 19, 2012.
However, it was not a smooth road to victory for him as young Indian shuttler stood in his way for 60 minutes before fizzling out with 21-11, 19-21 and 15-21.
Now World Number 49 shuttler will lock horns with Malaysian campaigner Mohamad Arif Abdul Latif to ensure his spot in main round of the event.
Earlier in his opening match, Andre Kurniawan had to undergo a rough start but he managed to end this tussle in his favour by showing transformed character in last two segments of the show.
Meanwhile, the spirited Arvind Bhat amazed all the spectators with a fine display of badminton skills in opening game of the match.
He made his intentions clear by reaching six in no time. He did not give the opposing shuttler even a single chance to stand firm and stamped him with 11-4 margin until mid-game break.
Later part of the set also saw him adding valuable points in his total at regular pace. The 10-point difference in last stage proved decisive and he locked first set with a staggering margin of 21-11.
Next segment of the show was full of drama as at one stage it was felt that the talented Indian lad will transform his 1-0 lead into straight-set victory but Andre Kurniawan’s determination proved too much for him.
The Indonesian campaigner lost first five rallies and stayed low until 8-11 before half time. He tried to narrow the gap in third quarter of the set but could not hit the mark until 15-18.
However, he managed to snatch last four points in a row and finished second set with 21-19 score on the board.
This revised status filled decider with sensation and both contenders put all they got to reserve a spot in next stage of qualifying round.
In first half of the set, the Indian campaigner served the notice of his supremacy with 11-7 but Andre Kurniawan performed when it mattered and seized the honour with 21-15.



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