Should Jonny Wilkinson start for England?

by Rob  |  7 years, 3 month(s) ago

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Jonny Wilkinson had been the first name on the England teamsheet for years, but seven years after his most iconic moment in a rugby shirt - putting his trusty left boot through the ball against Australia to lift the 2003 World Cup - it seems that Toby Flood will be preferred for next month's Six Nations.

Does Wilkinson deserve the No. 10 shirt? Or is it about time the Toulon fly-half thought about international retirement?




  1. I think that wilkinson as got a few more year left in him before concidering retirement. He is the key figure to the England rugby squad and will always be Englands fravourite son. He is the best fly half we have at the moment . Despite flood taking the spot. Wilkinson as more power than flood to kick the ball further. Martin C / Doncaster


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