Danny Cipriani or Jonny Wilkinson to keep the starting position of Fly-half for England?

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Has Jonny lost it? =O




  1. Danny for me, Cipriani brings a different dimension to the role of First five from Wilkinson, he reminds me of a NZ NO.10, he will always try to run, pass and take on his opposite number, it might not always come off, but he always has a go, and that is what makes him such an exciting player to watch.

    Jonny is a great player, but like everything, there comes  a time when he will have to gracefully make way for the next generation of player to come through.

    Wikinson has had a terrible run of injuries lately, and this could have contributed to his lack of form in the latter stages of the 6 Nations.

  2. Just depends on current form.

    I think that only Wilkinson was dropped because the rest of the side depend on him so much that Ashton wanted them to play without him.

    Cipriani is good obviously, but he looked naive in most of the first half yesterday.

    The main 'victim' is Hodgson who hasn't ever cut the mustard at international level anyway.

    Let's consider ourselves lucky that we've two top class 10s.

    If there was a game tomorrow I'd start Wilkinson.


    umm i know nothing but i vote for jonny wilkinson cause he's cool ;) x

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