Where would England rugby be without Jonny Wilkinson?

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England win vs France but where would they be without Jonny who, although missed a few tonite, has been Englands lifeline for years.

If he wasnt in squad could England win?

P.S I am England supporter!




  1. Nowhere without him.

  2. The way the English play, boot, boot and win through penalty kicks, they'd struggle to beat anybody. Before Wilko started palying for England the English weren't that good. I still think the English football team could have played good with wilko on the team ha,ha,ha,ha!!!

  3. England would be nowhere without wilkinson !

  4. They would probably have someone like Cipriani or Flood kicking the points.

    He is an important player and probably the first name on the team sheet. When he retires he will be hard to replace, but there is enough young English talent at fly half to do that

  5. Before the 07 world cup he only played a couple of games for England in 4 years...not much of a lifeline.

    Tonight he had a good match, but he needs to start playing for England the way he plays for Falcons.  He's an amazing player when he's on form, but I agree with the other person who said that forwards don't get enough credit.  They had a fantastic game...they dominated in the scrum and their lineouts were alright once they got settled.  I think with newcomers like Flood coming in, England would be fine without Wilko.

    Jonny's a hero when we win and the villain when we lose, but I think people just ignore everyone else who plays...look at Wigglesworth and Easter and Vickery's game way was that all down to's just he does the kicking.

  6. up ssshhhhiiiitttt creek sorry for language =)

  7. I think you'll find Andrew Sheridan and Phil Vickery won that game for us. The forwards never get enough credit.

    Did you not notice us destroying the French scrum and making it possible for Wilkinson to score?

    If we didn't have Wilkinson there is still Toby Flood and Danny Cipriani who would take his place.

  8. Johnny Wilkinson is the worse thing to happen to rugby. I hate him more than any individual in the history of man. Maybe if England applied their kicking skills to football, they'd get into the euro.

  9. I reckon they could still win but they'd struggle

    ENGLAND 24 - 13 FRANCE


  10. They would struggle in some areas of play.

  11. LOST for sure.............they depend to much on him!

  12. I seem to remember johnny missing about 5 kicks.

    Sorry Sarah..I have been reading too many questions off groupies lately. carry on.

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