Sebastian Giovinco more confident in his goal scoring abilities

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The Juventus striker went on to state that he has learnt to prioritise scoring goals himself rather than setting others up for goal; believes there is more to come.
Despite starting his career in the Turin outfit and started at the club since the age of nine, Giovinco failed to weave his way into the first team. A major reason for his failure in breaking into the side was the fact that there was tough competition for
places in the Turin outfit. Having players of the quality of meant that there was going to be limited action for Giovinco.
However, after the Calciopoli incident, and with players leaving the club, it was an opportune moment for Giovinco to stamp his authority and finally break into the team. His first appearance came in the Serie B against Bologna where he helped assist David
Trezeguet into scoring a goal for the Turin giants.
His immense potential has led many to state that Giovinco would be the heir to Del Piero, a legend at the club. Giovinco failed to live up to the huge aspirations and decided to make a loan move to Empoli in 2007, after which he went for another
loan move, this time to Parma.
The striker regained his lost form and confidence with the Gialloblu outfit, and rose to prominence in the 2011-12 season.
The striker was boastful about his progress and stated that those who have seen him before will see a marked change in the side, and he further went on to state:
“Those who know me already will see a new player. I’m more aware of my ability, especially compared to the past and you will see a goalscoring Giovinco. Now, I like to score goals, it’s better to score than to assist. I’m not putting limits on myself…”
He went on to remark that he will always be at the disposal of the coach whenever he is needed, and remarked:
“We’ll see at the end of the transfer window who else will be in the Juve attack, but I will be available for [Antonio] Conte like everyone else.”
Despite Giovinco’s arrival, Juventus are still eager to look for a high profile striking option.



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