Sebastian Giovinco’s move to Barcelona cannot be ruled out: Agent

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The striker’s agent insists that the Catalonians interest in the star is not a matter of surprise; asserts Juventus may re-sign the aggressor to replace Del Piero in Turin.
Sebastian Giovinco’s agent has revealed that the striker is attracting a strong interest from Barcelona, and may join the European Champions in the summer.
The forward is currently co-owned by Juventus and Parma, and his agent insists that a move to cannot be ruled out. The representative to the aggressor believes that it is not at all out of ordinary for a talented player like Giovinco, to be on the
shopping list of one of the giants of European football.
He insisted that the development is a testament to player’s superb performance at Parma, and a matter of great pride for the individual.
While talking to the press, Claudio Pasqualin commented:
“’s interest is not strange and I can’t rule it out. It means that the player is doing really well at Parma and we are enormously honoured by it.”
However, the agent insisted that it was not the time to talk about the future plans of player with other clubs, and relented that nothing is concrete at the current stage. The representative to the striker assured that the player is totally committed to
his duties at his current club, and is till serious about the ongoing season.
“The only certainty is that Giovinco is totally focused on Parma because he wants to do well and is a serious professional.”
While the striker is being linked with a move to the Spanish giants, reports have also emerged that Juventus may be looking to sign the player as a timely replacement for outgoing Recently, the forward himself admitted his love for
the number 10 shirt held by Piero, which is likely to be free in summer.
While his future hangs in the balance between the two giants, the 25-year-old striker has scored 10 goals in the 28 appearances for Parma, in what is quickly turning out to be the attacker’s most successful season in Serie A.



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