Tibetan Skies facing weak opposition in 2012 Ladbrokes Irish Greyhound Derby Round 2 Heat 3 at Shelbourne Park

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Tibetan Skies facing weak opposition in 2012 Ladbrokes Irish Greyhound Derby Round 2 Heat 3 at Shelbourne Park
Except Crossfield Star, no hound is in good position to give a tough time to Tibetan Skies in the 2012 Ladbrokes Irish Greyhound Derby Round 2 Heat 3, taking place at Shelbourne Park on Thursday, August 9th.
Although victories are not coming to Tibetan Skies’ way regularly, he recently made some really impressive efforts. Since he was facing too many strong hounds, it was not easy for him to secure the top rank, despite running pretty well.
His last success hit the headlines at the start of last month, when he beat Danmar Benny by a neck’s distance to win a similar contest. The black dog was second to Razldazl Bugatti in the following contest.
O. McKenna’s charge could only seize the third place on his previous two outings. In the opening round of the Derby, he clocked the distance in 29.89 seconds – the fastest time by any hound in today’s race.
So, he will be able to notch the top rank, even if he fails to give his best shot. He just needs a clear passage to topple rest of the pack in the €250 meeting, which will get underway at 20:55 GMT. Among his opponents are: Crossfield Star, Razldazl Apollo,
Krelco, Ruthless Man and Deanridge Viking.
Crossfield Star looks to be the only major threat to Tibetan Skies. Despite suffering a couple of awful defeats, the blue dog did not lose his determination, and came out of his lean patch with a huge bang.
At the start of this month, the son of Droopys Scolari defeated Swift Marathon by two and a half lengths to secure the first place. However, his finishing time was not as impressive as Tibetan Skies. A little improvement can make him a massive threat to
the favourite runner.
Out of others, no hound is in good form. So, the punters should not look elsewhere for the winner. According to our predictions, it will be a hard battle between Tibetan Skies and Crossfield Star.
Tibetan Skies’ recent performances were a lot more impressive and therefore, he can easily be preferred. We wish the best of luck to all the runners.
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