Rookie minicamp: Indianapolis Colts QB Andrew Luck’s debut workout impresses onlookers-NFL News

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Rookie minicamp: Indianapolis Colts QB Andrew Luck’s debut workout impresses onlookers-NFL News
Indianapolis Colts’ rookie quarterback, Andrew Luck, showed up along with his new teammates at the Lucas Oil Stadium on Friday, May 04, for the first time since his arrival in the city, much to the pleasure of local fans.
Luck was welcomed at the team’s facility for his debut workout by his new teammates, team officials and other members of Colts’ community.
He admitted to be nervous during the first ever workout for the team but his form and performance clearly left an impression on the onlookers.
All those who watched the player doing some light workout have spoken high of his talent and potential of becoming a high-profile quarterback in the league.
Coby Fleener, Luck’s former college teammate, who has been reunited with him at Colts, said he did not see any decline in Luck’s skills.
Fleener said:
"He's the same Andrew, as brilliant as ever. He went out and was calling plays that were probably 30 words long off the top of his head. He's amazing."
Equally impressed was Colts’ new head coach, Chuck Pagano, who himself is in the first year of his career with the team, and the coach’s endorsement should be rather encouraging for the young QB.
Pagano said of Luck:
"He's unflappable, mature beyond his years. You listen to some of those play calls and you know why he's an architectural engineer. He's going to have a great career in that in about 15 years."
Following his limited participation in the minicamp, Luck will be heading back to Stanford College to finish his remaining courses, before becoming fully qualified to playing for Colts as a fulltime quarterback.
The Colts, in the meantime, said to be working on the contract for Luck and other rookies. Colts’ owner, Jim Irsay, has hoped to sign the deals with respective players swiftly.
Irsay has already offered to be flexible with the player’s academic commitments and will be waiting for his return somewhere around the training camp this summer.
However, before the player's departure, both sides aim to agree to the terms of the contract.



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