Indianapolis Colts, QB Andrew Luck differ on endorsement terms of rookie’s deal – NFL News

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Indianapolis Colts, QB Andrew Luck differ on endorsement terms of rookie’s deal – NFL News
Some differences over marketing language have reportedly emerged between the Indianapolis Colts and rookie QB, Andrew Luck, as the management apparently is trying to contain the player’s availability to too many bosses even though the
endorsements are important for his commercial success and part of any professional game.
A section of media has cited anonymous sources claiming that Colts want to have the veto right over the endorsements terms, as they had done so in case of Peyton Manning’s signing.
The report cites writer, Len Pasquarelli, as noting:
"One of the stumbling blocks in negotiations is the proposed inclusion of marketing language that Luck and his representatives, at least so far, regard as strident. One source with knowledge of the talks even suggested that Luck would
'have to clear' marketing proposals with the club."
Some commentators have seen the player’s concern to be legitimate, as it is normal practice for any elite player in any professional game. They believe the QB should be allowed to ride on his career success to financially benefit from
his profile and performance.
They are of the view that the owner, Jim Irsay, should avoid exercising veto powers to contain the player’s marketing and commercial success prospects.
Interestingly, there is no official view from either side on the lingering matter. Both, the player’s agent and Colts managers, are maintaining a mum so far. They are also yet to come up with their respective reactions to the reports of
It is a rare occasion that differences on an outside issue have emerged in negotiation of deal for a prospective professional player.
Due to dearth of information around the development, it is difficult to predict the final outcome of the matter, which seems contrary to the owner’s hopes of signing a deal with the rookie as quickly as possible.
He is true to his claim given that the new collective bargaining agreement (CBA) has made it easier for teams to sign draft players. The agreement has defined rules on the pay cap and efficiency in giving contracts to all rookies before
training camp each season.
Colts have already signed eight out of total 11 rookies they have picked out of the 2012 draft. All those left including Luck were selected in the first round.



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