Prepaid Credit Cards?

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I know what it is.

What are the top spots too find one because i went to walgreens and they had them but there was something about a monthly fee and the cashier was retarded(not litterally) and could not ring it up so i left and could not find one at the Kmart next to it.

Do They all have monthly fees because my parents cant know i bought one because it is for runescape, so i cant get anything in the mail.?

What are the best ones to buy?




  1. I've researched these prepaid debit cards a lot.  There are number of them, all charging a lot of fees with exception to one - Bank Freedom prepaid Mastercard

    They have no activation fee (more others have $10) and the card is free of monthly service cost with direct deposit.  It works anywhere Mastercard works.  I have one and no problems.  Hope this helps.


  2. You could get one of those VISA giftcards. You put a prepaid amount on the card, and there you go! :] I'm sure you can get them at a gas station or CVS. You can also put more money on it when you run out.
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