Prepaid credit card?

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im gonna get one from walmart and do i fill up the card at walmart and can i use once i fill it up with money




  1. It depends on the type of the card.

    Some prepaid credit cards require you purchase it, add the money, and then make a call to them or go online to officially activate it and add your personal information (address, etc) to your account.

    But, some don't.

    You'll see the instructions on the package of the card you purchase.  They should be on the back, where you can see them before even purchasing.  This will help when deciding which one you want.

    Beware though, some of those cards come with a lot of fees!  GreenDot, the biggest prepaid credit company, charges $9.95 to activate the card, $4.95 each time you add money to it, $4.95/month "maintenance" regardless of it you add money/use it, and various fees to use it at ATMs.

    So, long answer short, to see if you can use it right away you need to check out the instructions on the back of the package of the card you decide to purchase, to be absolutely certain.

  2. Yes you can refill it and use it like any other credit card.

  3. You can fill a prepaid card at Wal mart, or you can do it online.

    These cards are not only racked with fees, but they are not reported as part of your credit history.  If you fund it with cash, it's not even traceable.

    Expect a lot more regulations on this type of card in the future, due to the trend of people payrolling illegal aliens with prepaid credit cards.
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