Collecting a judgement?

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got the judgement but no instructions on how to proceed with enforcing collection of money owed to me.




  1. normally it is handle by the county sheriff's dept!!! check with them!!!

  2. It depends on the state you live in.

    You need to understand something about judgments.  The court only gives you the ability to collect....they do not go after the money for you.

    Therefore, it's up to you to locate where they work (garnishment), where they bank (seizure), their SS# (Seize state tax returns if allowed in your state), or property (place liens on it).  

    Most states have this information available on-line.  Do a Yahoo Search for "judgment collection >your state<" and see what comes up.  

    For example, here in Michigan they supply a very nice booklet on exactly what you need to do.  It includes the instructions and forms you need to file for each of the above.  

    If you are still stumped notify me and I'll help you look.  It's not that difficult.

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