Oakland Athletics edge past Texas Rangers 5-1 – MLB Recap

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Oakland Athletics edge past Texas Rangers 5-1 – MLB Recap
Oakland Athletics edge past Texas Rangers 5-1 in the first game of their three-match regular series encounter on Monday, May 13 at Coliseum in Oakland.
Athletics entire batting and pitching lineup played wonderfully and won the game with quite ease. They started scoring early in the game and rattled the Rangers big time.
“It was big. It was welcomed," said manager Bob Melvin, sporting a bright yellow Golden State Warriors T-shirt under his uniform. "It just felt like we were back in sync."
A.J. Griffin pitched seven innings and allowed only one run. He performed really well and proved his class with his fast pitching. Though he received a homer but he was still able to strike out eight Rangers hitters.
“He was keeping the fastball down and making good pitches," Texas' Elvis Andrus said. "There was nothing more we could do. His breaking ball is really slow and it's not that easy to adjust to so many mph lower than his fastball."
Relief pitcher Sean Doolittle also showed his offensive prowess by pitching one inning. He struck out three while his ERA remained consistent on 1.13.
Along with pitchers, the Athletics batters also played wonderfully and won the game with style. They hammered the Rangers pitchers with big hits and scored on consistent bases.
Centre fielder Yoenis Cespedes scored one run on one hit. He also ran for an RBI and remained consistent on .465. First baseman Brandon Moss also played well on his three at bats. He scored one run and one hit along with a quick RBI. He performed with big
heart and never lost his composure on the plate by achieving his .447 slugging percentage.
Catcher Derek Norris also showed his extraordinary hitting skills against the Texas Rangers. He scored one run on his three at bats while he proved too good for the opposing pitchers.
The Texas Rangers however, could not play their natural game on Monday night. They not only batted poorly but their pitching was also ordinary against the Oakland Athletics. Rangers could not even show their attacking game and lost bitterly in the end.  



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