Adrian Beltre shines as Texas Rangers edge past Oakland Athletics 5-4 – MLB Update

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Adrian Beltre shines as Texas Rangers edge past Oakland Athletics 5-4 – MLB Update

Texas Rangers beat the Oakland Athletics 5-4 in the first game of their four-match regular series encounter on Monday, September 24 at Rangers Ballpark in Texas.
Adrian Beltre’s seventh inning homer and later ninth inning single landed the Rangers a good win against the Athletics.
“He's playing incredible right now. ... He continues to pick us up big, Anytime you've got a guy like that behind Josh Hamilton, it's dangerous. To get Josh back in the lineup, it obviously gives our offense a little bit of a boost because they have to pitch to Josh, and if they don't pitch to Josh, then they have to face Adrian," Beltre’s team-mate Ian Kinsler said later in the game.
Overall he batted five times and scored one run and smashed three hits along with three RBIs on his .561 slugging percentage.
"Every game for us is big, Especially facing the team right behind us. We want to clinch as early as we can so we can set up the pitching rotation [for the playoffs]," Beltre said.
Rangers’ third baseman literally rattled the Athletics’ pitchers with great determination and earned a decent victory in the end.
Along with Beltre, the Rangers other experienced and talented hitters also played well and provided a good win to their team.
Centre fielder Josh Hamilton continued his great run and scored two runs on his three at-bats. He hammered one hit along with an RBI on his consistent slugging percentage at .593.
Designated hitter Michael Young smashed one hit and ran for an RBI on his two at-bats while he also managed to maintain his slugging percentage at .363.
Along with batters, Rangers’ pitchers also played quite offensive and rattled the Athletics with great energy. Texas' pitchers made sure that none of the Athletics’ hitters would play them freely which eventually landed the Rangers a good win.
Derek Holland pitched three solid innings and allowed only three runs and four hits on his very good and consistent 4.50 ERA.
He struck-out two while he pitched in right areas during his entire spell which did not give any chance to the Athletics to bounce back in the game.



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