Texas Rangers edge Oakland Athletics 9-7 – MLB Recap

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Texas Rangers edge Oakland Athletics 9-7 – MLB Recap
Texas Rangers edge past the Oakland Athletics 9-7 in the final and fourth game of their four-match regular series encounter on Thursday, September 27 at Rangers Ballpark in Texas.
It was a well fought victory for the Rangers who played beautifully during the entire game and won with style.
Rangers’ scored a total of nine runs and held the Athletics with great strategy.
Their pitchers and hitters played with great energy and did not let the Athletics to play freely.
Putting up an early lead of five runs in the very first inning, the Rangers later took total control of the game.
Rangers’ upfront batting line-up did not show any mercy to the poor Athletics’ pitching and hammered them with great force.
Second baseman Ian Kinsler scored two runs and two hits on his five at-bats. He also ran for an RBI and maintained his slugging percentage at .436.
"We constantly kept the momentum in our favor, if you don't look at the three home runs in the eighth. We responded to them, We want to be a team that's tough to put away," Ian Kinsler said.
Shortstop Elvis Andrus batted five times and scored two runs and two hits along with an RBI on his .384 slugging percentage.
“We don't have any negative thoughts right now, It's going to be good to go home. We've been on the road for a month. ... We can't rely on LA to lose and we can't rely on Texas to fall back. We know we're just not going to back down," Josh Reddick said.
Adrian Beltre smashed three hits and scored one run on his persistent .558 slugging percentage.
Right fielder Nelson Cruz also played tremendously and won the game for the Rangers. He scored two runs and smashed two hits along with an RBI on his consistent .450 slugging percentage.
Along with batters, Rangers' pitchers also played well and made it possible for their team to oust the Athletics in style.
Starter Matt Harrison pitched six innings and received four runs and seven hits. He played with good energy and maintained his ERA at 3.26.



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