Northern Ireland’s Mark Allen crushes Ken Doherty in Round 1: 2012 Welsh Open at Newport Centre

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Northern Ireland’s Mark Allen crushes Ken Doherty in Round 1: 2012 Welsh Open at Newport Centre
Northern Ireland’s top potter and the 2011 UK Championship runner-up, Mark Allen breezed into a first round victory over Ireland’s Ken Doherty in the first round of 2012 Welsh Open. The Antrim potter had complete control over the game from the very start
and he totally unnerved his veteran opponent. With his marvellous snooker genius, Allen was able to whitewash Doherty by the score line of 4-0.
The first-round match up was a piece of cake for Allen and he did not have to produce the best of his abilities to nudge Doherty down. However, at one point when Allen was leading the match by 2-0, Doherty got a chance to clinch the third frame but he failed
to improvise during the frame and missed a red to allow Allen come at the table.
The Northern Irishman swept the table in no time firing a couple of half-century knocks during the last two frames. The Pistol took just 51 minutes to whitewash the former World Snooker Champion, who was not able to score more than two points in the final
three frames. The 25-year-old Allen, despite suffering from an inflamed finger was outstanding at the baize which shows his determination.
The Ulsterman spoke to the media after winning the match, “There were a few shots that it really did hurt on. It is not too bad now, just red at the top of the finger, so I’m just happy to get through and give it a bit more rest.”
He added, “The first frame or two could have been different because Ken missed a couple of easy shots. I didn’t want to use it as an excuse but it is what it is and I have to get on with it and try my hardest. I had a little rag nail and thought I’d pull
it off. I must have got a bit of dirt in it then which caused the infection. So I didn’t do too bad, considering.”
Allen will next meet the legendary potter, Scotland’s Stephen Hendry in their second-round clash at the Newport Centre in Newport, Wales, on Thursday, February 16.



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