China’s Ding Junhui claims 2012 Welsh Open title beating England’s Mark Selby at Newport Centre

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China’s Ding Junhui claims 2012 Welsh Open title beating England’s Mark Selby at Newport Centre
Performing brilliantly in the final encounter of the 2012 Welsh Open, China’s Ding Junhui was able to triumph over the World Number one, England’s Mark Selby by the score line of 9-6.
The Chinese put up an excellent snooker display at the Newport Centre arena in Newport, Wales to claim his first ever Welsh Open title.
Selby, on the other hand, was completely shattered by the stunning snooker genius of the Chinese and despite pocketing a marvellous clearance of 145 points, he failed to capitalise. The match up seemed a thriller when the pair was heading neck and neck in
the first two sessions but it turned into Junhui’s favour after the second interval.
The Jester from Leicester nudged the Chinese down easily in the first frame of the final encounter when he rattled a fine century clearance of 103 points to claim the opening set by 1-136 and lead 0-1. Even under immense pressure, the Comeback Kid was focused.
He replied with a 64-point break to win the second frame 71-8 pull level at 1-1.
Selby cleared the table in the third frame by 0-124 firing a classy knock of 124 and grabbed the lead again at 1-2. After that, the Star of the East emerged impressively and clinched three consecutive frames by the score lines of 64-61, 66-40 and 90-0 to
snatch the leading spot of the match at 4-2.
Both potters played neck and neck after sixth frame and at the end of Frame 11, Junhui was still leading with one frames by 6-5.
The clash surged into a tricky situation as the match was going towards its finish and the duo was pocketing everything to grab a frame. Selby led the 12th frame 3-0 but missed a crucial ball to let the Chinese Sensation at the baize. The 24-year-old Junhui
swept the table in instants by the score line of 124-3 after potting a stunning clearance of 124.
The Wuxi potter did not take any chances to slip down and continue his dominance in Frame 13 with a marvellous break of 130 to finish the set 130-0 and take the score line to 8-5. The 28-year-old Englishman got an opportunity in the Frame 14 to capitalise
and he took advantage of that. Mark the Shark sprang back strong with a stunner 145 to move within one frame up at 8-6 after winning the 14th frame 0-145.
However, Selby’s impressive 145 could not save him from the final defeat as Frame 15 proved to be the last of the match. Junhui clinched the frame easily by 74-11 to lift his seventh ranking event by the score 9-6. The 2012 Welsh Open is his first ever Welsh
title since he started his professional career in 2003.



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