Los Angeles Dodgers manager Don Mattingly’s son Preston Mattingly signs with New York Yankees

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Los Angeles Dodgers manager Don Mattingly’s son Preston Mattingly signs with New York Yankees
The current Los Angeles Dodgers manager and former New York Yankees first baseman Don Mattingly’s son Preston Mattingly has signed with the Yankees’ Minor League while he will be reporting in the club’s Spring Training camp in Arizona next month.
Preston’s father, Don Mattingly, has played his entire career in the Yankees’ roster during the span of his 14 years of professional baseball. He was a good player and was always competitive as he won several games for is team.               
Now his son, Preston will be representing the Yankees for some years. Preston is a highly talented player and possesses some good Minor League experience. He was also happy to see his future career with the Yankees where his father played for so many years.
Preston said in the media with great detail, “I always give him a hard time. When people see me, at least I’m an athlete. It’s one thing I give my dad a hard time about. He’s a small little midget. He can hit, that’s for sure, but I give him a hard time about.”
He added, “I’ve been here a couple weeks. It’s exciting. I haven’t put on the full pinstripes yet. You don’t get much better than the Yankee logo. I hear the same things here. I’m just trying to be myself. I get that a lot. Maybe I’ll grow out the mustache and get the long hair going.”
Preston was earlier drafted by the Dodgers and played well in Rancho Cucamonga Quakes, the teams advanced Class-A affiliate earning some huge recognition in the League.
On the other hand, despite his good consistent performances in the Minors, critics still say he is in the MLB only because his father has previously served here. Critics sometimes pose questions as why other talented and young players cannot make it into the League. To some extent, it is true that he has little influence from his father but on the whole, it will be wrong to say that he is here in the MLB only because of his father. Preston is a tremendous player with an immense amount of talent.



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