Newport Harbor boys volleyball team sweeps Los Alamitos in Sunset League match

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Newport Harbor boys volleyball team sweeps Los Alamitos in Sunset League match
Whoever thought that all the fun in volleyball is watching the university level teams play the sport did not get it more wrong. If you want to see a good match of volleyball being played between two competitive teams, it would do you good to visit a volleyball
game of your local high school.
Most schools in the nation are able to boast of well-trained and highly competitive volleyball teams. These are not just the boys teams, but the girls also take up the sport aptly at the high school level. One team that just recently proved its worth is
the Newport Harbor boys volleyball team.
Newport Harbor had a match on Wednesday with the team of Los Alamitos, whom Newport was able to defeat by winning three back-to-back sets. The only competition that Los Alamitos was able to give Newport was in the first set of the match, after which, Newport
were able to smoother their rivals completely.
By the time that the Sailors had done the job on the Griffins at their rival’s home ground, the scoreboard was displaying the following final set scores, 25-21, 25-10, 25-16.
By winning their recent match, the Sailors have earned themselves the honour of staying undefeated in the Sunset League. The number of victories that they have been able to secure in the league matches amount to be seven. The overall season record that the
Sailors hold is also something to be proud of. They have managed to earn themselves a total of 17 victories so far this season. These wins have been bagged after they suffered losses amounting to be five in all.
As opposed to the league record of the Sailors, the Griffins have not been able to pull off a commendable statistic. The number of victories that the Griffins have managed to secure for themselves total to be one. The rest of the six matches in the Sunset
League have come as a loss to the Griffins.
The start of the first set promised to bring the spectator a fiery match as both the teams were almost neck-to-neck all through. For most part of the game, no one was sure where the tables would turn. However, Newport was able to pull the match towards them
and bagged it at 25-21.
After losing the opening set of the game, it seemed as if all the heart had gone out of the Griffins, they were not able to challenge the Sailors significantly which resulted in losing the second and third sets at 25-10 and 25-16 respectively.  
“We came out strong, but we just can’t seem to get over the hump,” lamented Griffins coach Mike Whitcomb. “They got the four points at the end. That has happened to us in just about every game this year. They responded to the pressure and we didn’t.”



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