Newport Harbor boys volleyball team lose 0-3 to Santa Margarita on Tuesday

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Newport Harbor boys volleyball team lose 0-3 to Santa Margarita on Tuesday
Tuesday did not turn out as Newport Harbor boys volleyball team had imagined. The team was all geared up for the match, undergoing rigorous practice sessions previously and strategizing the action plan they needed to implement in their contest with Santa Margarita.
It is true that strategy is important for any victory that a team might want to achieve but it had a totally opposite effect on the outcome of the match for Newport Harbor. Newport Harbor ended up losing to Santa Margarita. Not only did the Margarita boys hand out a defeat to Newport, they did so quite decisively. Newport lost the recent match that they played by a clean sweep. However, that did not stop the losing team from holding an hour long session in which they probably strategized a bit more. Hopefully, the team would have now realized that identifying mistakes is important but it is also important to produce practical results that show that the mistakes have been overcome.
Cody Caldwell, the senior outside hitter for Newport made the following comments about the team’s meeting that was held after they had suffered a loss: “Yeah, it was pretty long, but it wasn’t negative at all. Coach [Dan Glenn] was excited with the way we played. We improved a lot from this weekend.”
At the end of the game, as Santa Margarita was jumping with joy and the Newport boys were eyeing the victors enviously, the score board was showing final set scores that were singing the praises of Santa Margarita. The final set scores stood at 25-18, 25-21, 25-19.
As the whistled sounded that marked the start of the first set of the game, both the teams seemed all set to give the other a hard time in making a win. During the early parts of the set, it seemed as if a tug of war was going on between Santa Margarita and Newport Harbor. Eventually, as the game progressed, Santa Margarita was seen to take control of the game. Consequently, they won the initial set of the game by bagging it at 25-18.
The loss of the first set put the pressure on Newport Harbor. They responded by stepping up their game and showing an improved performance. The rejuvenated Newport team put up a considerable challenge for Santa Margarita. Unfortunately for Newport, Santa Margarita was able to respond positively to the challenge and take the second set of the game as well at 25-21.
With two sets down, the morale of Newport Harbor touched rock bottom. They were unable to rally themselves together to put in a coordinated effort that would force the game towards a fourth set. Instead, Newport ended up giving the set away to Santa Margarita at 19-25.
Despite the fact that they suffered a loss, Newport Harbor is looking ahead with a positive attitude towards their upcoming matches.



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