Newport Harbor boys volleyball sweeps San Clemente in CIF-SS Division 1 boys volleyball playoffs

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Newport Harbor boys volleyball sweeps San Clemente in CIF-SS Division 1 boys volleyball playoffs
The Newport Harbor boys volleyball was able to make a clean sweep over San Clemente in the quarterfinals of the CIF-SS Division 1 boys volleyball playoffs.
Not only were they able to win the match by handing out a defeat to their rivals in three back to back sets, the Sailors did their job in a pretty smothering fashion.
The match between the two teams did not take long to reach its close as San Clemente was unable to put up much of a competition against the Sailors. By the time that the Sailors were celebrating their well earned win in their home court and San Clemente
was heading out of the court with slumped shoulders, the scoreboard read 25-17, 25-19 and 25-13.
With their recent win, the Sailors have been able to improve their overall number of season wins to a figure of 24. These victories have been bagged at the expense of incurring losses that equal to be eight so far.
In contrast to this, the performance record of San Clemente stand a notch better than that of the Sailors. The number of times that San Clemente has been able to register wins are the same as that of the Sailors: 24. However, the losses that San Clemente
has suffered tally at a figure of seven.
The start of the first set of the game saw the Sailors take dominance of the court. They were able to keep the pressure on San Clemente by getting hold of the lead at 13-8. This forced San Clemente to change tactics and call for a timeout.
However, the pause did not affect the Sailors who kept extending their advantage up to 19-11. At this point, San Clemente thought it best to call for a timeout again. After they came back from the second timeout, the Sailors did not take long to finish the
job on San Clemente by bagging the first set of the game at 25-17.
After losing the opening set of the game, San Clemente stepped up their performance in the second set. They were able to rally together and give the Sailors some competition. Both San Clemente and the Sailors were almost neck to neck for most part of the
second set.
At one point in the game, San Clemente had the lead at 19-11. Despite the advantage, they were not able to sustain it and let the match slip out of their hands to the Sailors at 25-19.
Having lost the first two sets of the game, San Clemente lost all heart and made it easy for the Sailors to secure the third set of the game at 25-13.  
“We played really well,” Newport Harbor coach Dan Glenn said. “That's as good of volleyball we've played all season long. They're (San Clemente) a good opponent, but I thought we played aggressive the whole night and didn't let down.”



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