NE London Hotel nr Tube with Parking?

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Looking for a Travelodge / Holiday Inn Express / Ibis type hotel (e.g. cheap without being a B&B) towards the North-East outskirts of London that is within walking distance of a tube station and has parking. Kind of specific I know...




  1. Premier Inn is the largest chain of budget hotels in London

    The Ilford location

    Redbridge Lane East Ilford Essex IG4 5BG

    Right next to Redbridge Tube Station which is on the Hainault Loop of the Central line, in Zone 4.

    Free on-site parking.  Near North circular Rd.

    T: 08701 977 140

    F: 020 8550 6214

    Monday - Thursday From £75 per room per night

    Friday - Sunday From £65 per room per night

  2. During my last trip I came across a website called . It has quite a large variety of hotels. You might wanna give it a try.

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