Does anyone live in the Blackpool area?

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lol. sorry I meant any girls in that area 22-25?




  1. Yes. I went there once and there are quite a few people living there!

  2. Got to love English sarcasm...

    I'm sure there are plenty of women aged 22 to 25 living in the Blackpool area. In fact, I'd bet my left kidney on it.

    I'm in that age range, but sadly live slightly further afield.

    I am oddly interested in what your interest is, though...

  3. I'm guessing quite a few people live there. I'm not one of them though.

  4. yes , im sure someone does are there any other houses in that area ? knock on the doors and see if anyone answers

  5. I have a caravan in Great Eccleston, near Poulton...

    I come up at weekendss :)


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