Can you move to England from the USA?

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i really want to move to england and get away from everything (of course when im older) but my mum says youll be illegal and stuff. like i think shes making excuses but shes saying you cant do that and blah blah and i asked her about immagration stuff and she still said it was impossible.




  1. Of course you can. It won't be illegal. Just visit the site and check what you have to do to move in uk. They have study program and scholarship offered too. You can also work there and just get working visa. Or you get an english bf LOL and apply for settlement visa.

  2. Well, yes, you can. You obviously have to go through certain procedures and meet certain requirements, but it can be done.

    You can check this website (not the easiest to understand always):

  3. It's not impossible, but it's not easy.

    Though really running away to another country is not going to be a magical solution to your problems that you might think it will be. :/

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