My date of birth is 24-Apr-1979 and time : 5:08 AM. Place of birth is Bangalore Can u tell me my future?

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Please give me details about my :

1. strengths and weakness

2. can i become good business man

3. my financial status

4. Good position in office







  2. Hi,

    If u want to find on the net just go thru this sites,, etc.

    But the real known person only can give u the right answer.

    Better consult a known astrologer.



  3. 1:Strengths and Weaknesses? Determined & Stubborn Winning combination

    2:Can I become a good business man? Get a s*x change than yes!

    3:My financial status? Stop worrying about your family and your finances will be great!!

    4:Good position in offfice? Unfortunately no...

  4. i see a dark and gloomy future for you other than that looks good

  5. First look at your chart, I hv saw many trines aspects.

    You should have a pretty good, well-off life right now and also in the future.

    As a Taurus, possession is very important to you and they are well taken care by you. Generally, you are a systematic and well orderly person but likes to work alone.

    You are optimistic, have a attractive appearance and pleasing personality. Not problems in attracting mates.

    You have the drive to work and very willing to do so.

    Your judgment is generally good and intelligence is above average. Positive working attitude attract wealth and prosperity.

    Able to achieve dreams as you have lots of help from people around especially yr family. They give you protection against the unseen danger in front of you. So especially yr mother.

    Now for the bad part. Ego - False pride. Your strong desire to be on the top can make you do things that are not pretty or not able to earn the respect from yr fellow colleagues/partners. You can be blunt and insenstive with encouragement from Aries in Mercury, Venus and Mars. Although having abundance of energy, without control, it will turn into violence. That is not good for you definitely.'

    Satisfaction must be coming from inside of you. Influence from family has a great deal of impact on you. Whether you will use this great energy of your in something good soley relies on your association with family.

    I hope family has affected your positively. It is true, then you will have nothing to worry abt. Good life in this lifetime because of the good deed you have accumulated from previous lifetime. Otherwise, you need to evaluate the relationship between you and your family. Love from family is very important to you and future success.

  6. 1. Strengths and weakness = You’re a winner all the way!

    2. Can I become good business man = Yes 100% !

    3.Your financial status = Every time Money!

    4. Good position in office = owner!

    5. Can I tell you your future? = No! However, I always wish people’s dreams come True!  Best of luck Sweetie!!!.

  7. You can ask for free advice in forums like these, but 99 times out of 100 the answers will be rushed, even if a good astrologer answer, because s/he has other pressing business and paying clients to attend to. Cursory readings of horoscopes are dangerous at best.

    You can get a free reading on the internet. But frankly I'd rather marry a computer than have one interpret my personal horoscope.

    Therefore please have a proper reading done: www (dot) vedicastrologer (dot) net

    A proper answer to your questions must fully reference the 1st House, the 10th House, and the 2nd House - including their rulers, occupants, and aspectors.

    Again, please obtain a careful reading. I would love to be of service. All your specific questions can be answered there. Quick answers to specific questions are always dangerous, because astrology takes place correctly only when the thousands of counter-balancing factors are correctly weighed against one another.

  8. yeah, right..

  9. you will live a happy life (hopefully)

    no1 nos the future,all you have to do i believe in yourself and you will be fine

    hope this helps


  10. you have got shining planets.

    you are mixed  personality person.

    sometimes you are dominating sometimes very soft and loving and sometimes  you live in imaginary world.

    your personality is bold, very handsome and attractive. I have now words for your personality.

    your planets are very good in three fields.

    1.personality(super) high)

    3. education(extremely good)

    1. your strength is your intelligence, courage,imagination ,speech and education.

    2. financial status too good.  

    you are born courageous .

    yes you can be businessman.

    you are not happy from your spending of are not satisfied whenever you spend. sometimes  your spends are unwanted.

    you enemies are very powerful and hidden. Many times you don,t know whose going to harm you.

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