My Date of Birth is : 2-jan-1990 , My place of Birth :Khartoum, Sudan.My Birth Time is : 08:20 future??

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i want to know that if i will be RICH?

will i travel very much? i like traveling very much!!

and please mention other things if you want about me...




  1. donot believe in predictions.

    think of today and work, your future will be good.

  2. ya man u will travel much by ur feet... ur travelling takes place between ur home and place where u will work... and about money, u have enough money that u can eat one burger in a week... ha ha ha... iam jus kidding...

    i bless u will be a rich person.

  3. mr.

    just forward your querry to

  4. you can do a free birthchart on this website : ( it doesnt tell u ur future but its pretty cool :)

    hope that helped a little bit :)

  5. you have to believe it, babi! it'll happen when u set ur mind to it.

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