I am having date of birth but i am not having birth time can you please help me. Date of birth 13-08-1986

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My date of birth is 13-08-1986, but i dont know my birth time, can you please help.I asked hospital guys also they are not having that old data. Mother and father also dont know please help me.




  1. are u on drugs?

  2. i am confused!were you born august 8 1986?got that but, how can i tell you what time you were born??

  3. You were born at 11:15 in the morning. It was a Wednesday.

  4. How the c**p are we supposed to know!

    Are we phychic or something?

  5. The state in which you were born has that information.  Email them.

  6. ask ur parents. its the better option

  7. how can somebody else tell you, if the hospital dont have the records,only your parents can help you. I know, in india it is quite likely that hospital or nobody has the record.

    common its a over 100 billion nation, who cares if they lost some data.

    now dont worry about it so much, do something so that u are cared about.

    dont ask such stupid questions, find out the answer by applying common sense!

  8. If you have faith in horoscope,u can contact an astrologer.

  9. Go to the hospital they will be having the records

  10. Go to your local hearth center and get a copy of your Birth Certificate. It has the time on there. It will cost you around $10.00 though.

  11. why dont u try asking your mother or father


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