Los Angeles Dodgers’ manager Don Mattingly shares different thoughts on Minor League

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Los Angeles Dodgers’ manager Don Mattingly shares different thoughts on Minor League
The Los Angeles Dodgers’ current manager Don Mattingly, who has never managed in the Minor League, is lately speaking about the level of calibre a Major League manager should be possessing in order to do well on centre stage of world’s finest baseball in
the Major League Baseball.
He is recently in Arizona and busy with his team who are playing in Cactus League, a MLB annual programme of Spring Training. When some reporters asked him several questions about the way he is managing the Dodgers and how he thinks about his place in the
franchise having no past managerial experience or less training from grass root level especially in the Minor League.
Mattingly answered with pretty detail and explained his view on managing in any farm system. He said, “It's more leadership in this job. Guys know baseball. There are a zillion guys that can run a game. You don't manage; you play the guys they tell you to
play. They put your line-up together for you. He's in a tough spot, but he's got a good club. That happens to a lot of guys.”
After playing for almost 12 years in the League with best skills, Mattingly started his coaching career in 2004 when he was appointed in the New York Yankees franchise. While later he joined the Dodgers in 2008 as coach as well and eventually grown to be
the team manger in 2011.
As soon as he joined the Dodgers as manager, many baseball experts started criticising the Dodgers’ management that how they can give Mattingly this important job who have never managed even in the Minor League.
However, Mattingly has established himself well in the franchise. He is now considered a very important individual in the Los Angeles Dodgers whole management. Some inside sources have also stated in the media that the current sale process of the Dodgers’
is also a key priority for Mattingly. He wants a fare deal and whoever gets the maximum share from the late bidding progression must take this franchise to another height. In the meanwhile, Mattingly is also hopeful for the next season and preparing hard in
order to achieve good results.



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